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Think outside the box think in an original or resourceful way, think in a way which is not known to other people.
I have read the draft of your marketing strategy, Mr. Yamamoto, but this is very similar to the marketing strategies of other companies.
B It's too risky to advertise in a way which is not familiar with the people, Mr. Saitou. The people might not like it, and we might lose some money.
A Don't do what everybody else is doing. We want to be ahead of all our competitors, so let's do something which other marketing firms haven't thought of. Let's come up with fresh, innovative, creative strategies. Let's think outside the box..

Viable plans achievable plans
Our goal is to be the most well-known five-star hotel in the region by the year 2020.
B How do you propose to achieve that goal, Mr. Yamamoto?
Let's set up 5 branches of our hotel in every city in Southeast Asia. By the year 2020, we will have set up hundreds and hundreds of branches in this region.
B I'm sorry, but I don't think that's viable. There are a lot of things we should consider. Is there really a need for more hotels? Have we checked what the market wants and needs? How about our funds? Do we have enough money to construct hundreds of hotels in 5 years?

Out of order not working
Have you photocopied the report?
B Not yet. The photocopier is out of order.

Out of stock not available now, it will be available later
May I have a bottle of this ink, please.
B I'm sorry ma'am, but that product is currently out of stock.

Open for business an establishment is now operating
Is there a party outside? The people are dancing and singing.
B The new McDonald's store is now open for business. Customers are falling in line. Each of the first 100 customers will be given a free hamburger.

Be in charge of like a task or duty, responsible for
As Marketing Manager, what exactly do you do?
B I am in charge of market research. I collect information about what people need and want.

Extend a deadline give a person more time or enough time to finish doing a task
Mr. Tanaka, are you done writing all the financial reports? Your deadline is today.
B I haven't collected all the receipts I need, sir. Could you please extend my deadline?

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