Level Exは、ビジネス単語、idiomの量を増やし、使いこなすための教材です。
スンを受けていると、ビジネス idiom 単語が増え、表現力が高まります。

       Listen and repeat and do alternative conversation.
       Then make some sentences using the words or idioms.

[ Dialogue 1 ]

Remodel : change the design of a building or a house

A I honestly think that our office building has to be refurnished.
B Well, I think it has to be remodeled first. Beautiful pieces of furniture in an old building won’t look good..
A You can say that again.

( 何回か対話文を読む練習をした後に、この idiom を使った文を作る練習をします )

[ Dialogue 2 ]

Overprice : the price is too high

A That store opened for business only last month, but it has gone bankrupt! I wonder why.!
B Not many customers go there because most of the items there are
overpriced. This made a lot of customers angry.

[ Dialogue 3 ]

Run out of supplies : use up all supplies

A We have run out of supplies. We have no more staple wires, paper clips, and other office supplies.
B Why don't you call our supplier and order some?

        If you like, let's talk with the picture.

[ Picture 1 ]

[ Picture 2 ]

( Underground in London )